Sunstone Linear DC Welder

Sunstone has designed a completely unique closed-loop feedback resistance welding system that utilizes new technologies, giving the UC Linear DC welder the power of a High-Frequency Inverter and the precision of a Linear DC.  It does not require an external transformer, so it isn’t an HF welder, and it offers a greater range of settings than a typical Linear DC welder, yet is able to perform the same functions as both, and in most cases exceed those of other HF or Linear DC welders – offering high repetition rates, fine low-energy control, and short or long weld times – without  drawbacks.
The welder is highly adjustable to offer the most convenience to a wide variety of users allowing creation of custom software, ability to update and improve capabilities, features and functions effortlessly.
The UC linear DC can also introduce high-frequency agitation that provides additional weld penetration, more uniform metal crystallization, stronger weld joints, and can facilitate stronger weld joints with lower overall heat input.
Applications include

•Battery Pack Welding
•Coil Termination
•Strain Gauge
•Aerospace Welding
•PCB Welding
•Electrical Components
•Magnet Wire Bonding
•Transformer Coils
•Seam Welding
•Adding Material
•And More!

•10-2500A weld current
•Roll Spot Capability
•Short Seam Segments
•Geared for Automation
•Weld data logging
•High precision linear DC welder
•No external transformer required
•Programmable Schedules and Jobs
•10” Capacitive Touch screen Interface
•Closed loop feedback and weld monitoring technology
•Graphical feedback display of current, power and voltage
•Updateable firmware
•Dual weld control
•LVDT (position) Feedback
•Force Feedback
•Data logging via USB and ethernet
•Smart heat weld overlay
•Customizable waveform generation
•Fine control over energy waveform
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owl purdue english essay Nominal Line Voltage (Single Phase)
90-264 AC Version
8%\\\\'è trading opzioni binarie cos/\\\\'è Current
10A -2500A 10 Amp/Step
10A -2500A 1 Step
tastylia Voltage
0.1V - 10.0 V at 10 mV/Step
0.1V - 10.0 V at 10 mV/Step
steuern bei binären optionen Power
0.01kW - 20kW 10Watt/Step
0.01kW - 20kW 10Watt/Step
2500 A
2500 A
binära optioner seriöst Weld Period Ranges
buy fincar online 5 mg no prescription weld time (each section)
opzioni binarie euromoney Squeeze/Hold Periods
forex video dimostrativo Resolution (steps)
0.1 ms
1 ms binäre optionen 60 sek strategie Ranges (msec)
Current Output Accuracy
Voltage Output Accuracy
± 0.005V
± 0.005V
15.2x11.4x15.5in (38.5x28.9x39.3cm)
15.2x11.4x15.5in (38.5x28.9x39.3cm)
46.5 lbs (21.1kg)
46.5 lbs (21.1kg)


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