Butt Welders

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viagra onlineköp Buy Keflex from usa without a prescription JANDA offers a complete line of standard Butt Welders for operation from 15 to 35 KVA. If your application requires a larger capacity, consult factory for a JANDA Flash Welder or a Special Welder to meet all of your requirements.

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  • Dual voltage welding transformers
  • Transformers are stacked core with water-cooled secondary’s
  • Clamp dies and upset electrode force have independent cylinders, solenoid valves, and air regulators
  • Class 2 weld dies are water-cooled
  • Serrated clamp dies are heat treated
ModelKVACapacity Mild Steel
B-15 15 5/16″ Diameter
B-25 25 3/8″ Diameter
B-35 35 11/16″ Diameter

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Precision Bench Model Butt Welder

binära optioner verktyg Can be used for arc percussive welding or basic in line with A.C. or capacitor discharge.

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