Hand Piece Type

Temperature Feedback Prevents Cobwebbing of Plastic!


Hand Piece Type


NCU 10P-Handy-Type
Heater Tip for NCU-10H
Fusing flow
  • Cooling Function: Because the process ends with the plastic solidified, stable fusing without cobwebbing can be achieved.
  • Temperature Feedback Function: Temperature variation due to environmental change or passage of time is restrained. Stable Welding by temperature feedback (Plastic sputtering or cracking, as in the case of ultrasonic joining, will not occur)
  • Easy to Transport Handy Type
  • We can Propose the Most Suitable Heater Tip Based on Our Ample Experience: Heater tip material most suitable to the work material Flat type, multi-point simultaneous heater tip, special coating, etc.
  • After Heat Helps Easy Separation of Plastic and the Heater Tip
Features NCU-10U Features NCU-10T
Heat Temperature

Main: Room temp~499°C

Idling: Room temp~299°C

Rated Power 150V
Heat Time 0.1-9.9sec(0.1sec/step) Output Voltage 1.75V, 2.5V, 3.5V
Power Source  AC100V±10% 1Φ (Option:200, 230V)
Dimensions (mm) 100x150x120
Compressed Air 0.4MPA or more Weight 3.4kg
Dimensions (mm) 200x302x90 - -
Weight 3.5kg - -