High Power Type

High Power Type Suitable for Incorporation into a System!


High Power Type




  • Multi-Heads can be Accomodated: Multi-point simultaneous fusing can be realized
  • Compatible to Large Capacity Transformer for Automated System: Compatible to two types, NT-15(1,500VA) and NT-35(3,000VA)
  • Pen Type Head Suitable for Automated Systems: Small head (head width 18mm, 21mm, 26.2mm) applicable to narrow pitch with an air cooling port.


Features NCU-15
Heat Temperature

Main: Room temp~499°C

After-Heat:Room temp~499°C

Heat Time


Power Source AC200V±10% 1Φ (Option:100, 115, 230V)
Compressed Air -


Weight 4.1kg
Features NT-15 NT-35
Rated Power 1500VA 3000VA
Output Voltage 1.0V, 2.0V, 3.0V 1.0V, 2.0V, 3.0V
Dimensions (mm) 160x220x200 200x270x220
Weight 14.2kg 26kg
- - -
- - -


Multi-Head System
  • As the number of head will vary depending on the application, please consult with us
  • there will be only one feedback line
  • All weld cables have the same length
   Spring Type (300N)  
   Spring Type (65N)  
   Straight Type  
pen type spring 300N pen type spring 65N pen type head straight


Dimensions (mm) 26.2x101x196.2 21x47x192.1 18x42x186.9
Weight 820g 360g 160g