Monolithic Heads

The NA-60A is a general purpose weld head with wide applications for many kinds of electrical parts that require accuracy and reliability, such as switches, relay contacts, watches, camera components, and other various mechanical parts.
 General Purpose Type
Features NA-60A
Pressure Range (N) 9.8-132.3
Dimension (mm) 72x175x285
Weight (kg) 2.8
Driving Method foot, air
Electrode Diameter (mm) 6.4/3.2
Pocket Depth Dimension 98mm
Electrode Stroke 12mm Max
The NA-72 is suited for the welding of various mechanical parts or thick-stranded wires that need a stronger electrode force.
High Pressurization Type
Features NA-72
Pressure Range (N) 98-588
Dimension (mm) 107x240x615
Weight (kg) 19
Driving Method air
Electrode Diameter (mm) 10
Pocket Depth Dimension 160mm
Electrode Stroke 30mm Max
The NA-43 is used for automated machines due to the use of a floating system that rarely produces dislocation, as well as a standard air drive unit.
Horizontal Pressure Type
Features NA-43
Pressure Range (N) 88.2-294
Dimension (mm) 248x240x319
Weight (kg) 11
Driving Method air
Electrode Diameter (mm) 6.4
Pocket Depth Dimension -
Electrode Stroke 12mm Max