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Checkmark Suitable for welding battery tabs, wires, foil, electronics, terminals, etc
Dollarsign Lower prices on equipment and electrodes than other manufacturers
Clock Shorter lead time, especially on electrodes
Wrench Free test welds and unparalleled customer support

How We Can Help You

Advanced Integrated Technologies ( AIT ) is a resistance welding equipment and technical support provider for Nippon Avionics ( Avio ) brand of Capacitive Discharge Welders and accessories as well as Sunstone brand CD spot welders. At AIT we have chosen these brands for their high quality and superior customer support, at a better price than other popular brands. We can evaluate your product samples, provide free test welds, and accurately specify which equipment is best for your application. We can then provide the equipment you need at an economical price, and assist with any technical issues you encounter setting up your welding process. Submit a contact form or call us today to request assistance with your next project.

Capacitive discharge welders, otherwise known as capacitor discharge spot welders or CD welders, aren’t new technology, but they do have many advantages.  The principles of CD welding are simple.  Capacitors store up the weld energy before the time it is required.  Because of this pre-storage feature, CD welders can deliver repeatable welds even during fluctuations of the incoming line voltage.  This storing up the weld energy in capacitors also allows capacitor discharge welders to release the energy extremely fast, with large peak currents, making them useful for a wide array of resistance welding applications.  In addition, they are capable of very fine energy adjustment.

During the spot welding process, welding electrodes apply pressure to the two materials that are to be fused together, squeezing them together at a single point, or “spot”.  When the welder is fired, the electrodes transmit large electrical current through the materials through the point where the electrodes contact the materials.  The material’s resistance at this point causes it to melt and fuse together at that point, hence the phrase “spot welding”. 

Capacitive discharge welders are the most cost effective solution for this type of fine spot resistance welding.  With the ability to release large amounts of stored energy very quickly, CD welders are able to weld even highly conductive materials like copper and precious metals.  Due to the speed of the energy release, the heat affected zone is also very small.  This prevents unnecessary damage to the surrounding material or components.

Contact Advanced Integrated Technologies today and enquire about our capacitive discharge welders.   We use spot welders every day, and are able to assist you in deciding which welding system is best for your application.  In addition we have many options for welders, beyond even what are shown on our website.  We can find the right welder for your application.