Sunstone D-CD320

D-CD320 - Dynamic 320 watt second CD / DC waveform Spot Welder


  • Two welding technologies (DC and CD waveforms)
  • Dual Pulse Capability
  • American Made and economically priced.
  • DC pulse width 0.5ms to 500ms
  • CD pulse width 0.5ms to 24.0ms 
  • DC mode output 0.2 V to 12 V
  • CD mode output 0.1ws to 320ws
  • Rise time to max voltage 0.2ms
  • Up to 224 welds/min
  • Size 10.5" x 12" x 13.5"  - 41 lbs
  • Possible Applications: thermocompression bonding, magnetic wire welding, enamal coated wire, wire to chip, reflow soldering, fine wires and ribbons. 


D-CD320_CD _DC_waveform_Spot_Welder
This welder offers both capacitive discharge and thermocompression bonding technology (DC Waveforms).  In capacitive discharge mode the welder acts as a 320ws dual pulse CD welder.  The DC mode, or "dynamic capacitive" is a hybrid between a capacitive discharge and a linear DC (direct current) type of power supply.