Sunstone DC-5 Welder

The DC 5 is a precision DC waveform welding power supply, capable of precise power delivery. It has a maximum output of 5 volts, and can be adjusted to deliver as low as 0.1 volts. It has a digital readout that shows the weld length and volts delivered. The DC 5 is able to deliver up to 60 welds per minute. This unit is excellent for fine wires and metal sheets, such as ribbons. The DC 5 is the perfect choice for control and precision.
Sunstone’s micro welding solutions are perfect for microjoining and thermocompression bonding. When bonding small wires or ribbon from one connection pad to another, Sunstone’s new DC 5 - welder in combination with a low-force micro weld head is recommended as an optimal welding setup.
• Thermocompression and Microjoining Bonding
• Magnet Wire Welding
• Enamel Coated Wires
• Wire to Chip Welds
• Solar Panels
• Fine Wires and Ribbons
DC-5 Welder
• DC Waveforms
• Fine control of weld voltage
• Discharge Length
Peak weld current and External Cabling Gauge Number (AWG). Four and eight AWG cabling is typically seen when using hand held attachments.
DC Mode
TCB Electrode Pk Current Max
400A (500A w/ Larger Cabling)
TCB Electrode Pk Current Min
8A (5A w/ Smaller Cabling)



Weld Speeds

DC Mode
Rep Rate
35 welds/min @ 5v 100ms
Rep Rate
190 welds/min @ 2v 50ms



Weld Pulse Characteristics

  DC Mode
Min Output
Max Output
Pulse Width Min
0.5 m
Pulse Width MaX
500 ms
Rise Time (to Max Voltage)
Minimum Resistance
8 mOhm
Welder Physical Characteristics
    DC 5v
  Inches cm
Height 8
17 lbs
8 kg