The Orion Pulse 200i and 250i have a variety of some of the most advanced micro-arc welding features available. The 200i and 250i utilize Intelligent Welding technology that streamilines the welding process by automatically adjusting settings based on metal and application. The user will have the added benefit of touch-screen navigation, multi-pulse settings for more precise welds, and high-frequency agitation for the tough jobs and metals.

The list of features for Orion Pulse 200i and 250i include,

  • Large Touch Screen Display
  • High Frequency Agitation
  • Adaptive Weld Ignition
  • Multi Pulse Firing
  • Integrated Dynamic Power Adjustment
  • Space Saving Microscope
  • Four Weld Modes

The Orion Pulse Series utilizes four different energy modes: Ultra, Micro, Nano, and Tack.

  • The highest energy range, Ultra, uses up to 200 joules of energy for the Orion Pulse 200i and 250 for the Orion Pulse 250i  for tougher projects that require a larger spot size and higher depth of penetration.
  • The medium energy range, Micro, uses up to 20 joules of energy and is perfect for moderate penetration and more delicate pieces.
  • The lowest energy range, Nano, is a weld setting that uses the precise engery between 0.5-5 joules, for the finest welds.
  • The Tack Mode is a resistance welding mode that uses up to 200 joules of energy for the Orion Pulse 200i and 250 for the Orion Pulse 250i, for temporary placement welds or permanent fusion welding.
 Features  Orion Pulse 200i & Orion Pulse 250i
Type Pulse-Arc and Resistance
Weld Modes  4
Preprogrammed Metal Settings 18
Customizable Save Settings  30
Languages Multiple
Display  9 inch Touch Screen
Energy (ws)  0-200(200i) 0-250(250i)
Switching Power Source  110V/240V
Weld Spot Diameter 0.1-4.0mm
Footprint 4.7"x8.4"x10.4"
Weight  28lbs
Stereo Microscopic Magnification  5x-10x
Shutter/Auto Darkening Shutter System