Sunstone's Orion PA230 is a pulse arc welder utilizing 230 joules as well as a resitance spot welder using capacitative discharge technology. The PA230 has 3 different weld modes that can be changed at the push of a button and weld energy adjusted to suit the application. This model is suited for a variety of metals and applications, even more exotic metals such as gold and finds good applications in the medical industry and laboritories, given it's versatility.

 The list of features for Orion PA230 include,

    • 45 Presets
    • 15 Save Slots
    • Power Adjustments by 1% (1-230 joules)
    • 3 Weld Modes:
    • Pulse-Arc Mode
    • Micro Pulse-Arc Mode
    • Spot Resistance Mode
 Features PA230
 Type Pulse-Arc and Resistance
 Weld Modes 3
 Preset Weld Settings  45
 Customizable Save Settings  15
 Languages  English & Spanish
 Display  LCD 4 Inch
Energy (ws) 1-230
Switching Power Source 110V/240V
Weld Spot Diameter 0.3-4.0mm
Footprint 10"x13"x6.5"
Weight 26 lbs
Stereo Microscope Magnification 5x-10x
Shutter/Auto Darkening Shutter System
Pulse Arc Mode
Min./Max. Energy (Joules) 20-230 J
Min./Max Current (pk Amps) 60-240 A
Power Steps Down to 1%
Min./Max. Pulse Length (milliseconds) 1-64 ms
Number of Pulse Time Increments 11
Micro-Pulse Arc Mode
Min./Max. Energy (Joules) <1-30 J
Min./Max Current (pk Amps) 25-275 A
Power Steps Down to 1%
Min./Max. Pulse Length (milliseconds) .5-6 ms
Number of Pulse Time Increments 11
Min./Max. Current (watt seconds) 1-230 ws
Min./Max Power (pk Amps) 10-3000 A
Power Steps Down to 1%
Min./Max. Pulse Length (milliseconds) 1-20 ms
Number of Pulse Time Increments 11
Welding Parameters
Square Pulse Shaping (gap/extended electrode welding) +
Smooth Pulse Shaping (improves surface finish) +
Absolute Max. Weld to Weld Time (seconds) 1.2 s
Typical Recycle Rate (welds/sec) 2-3 w/s
Gas Consumption (L/min) 4 L/m
Weld Electrode Diameter (mm) 0.5/ 1mm
Pre-Flow Welding Gas Accelerator +
Unit Dimensions
Power Supply (L x W x H) 13" x 10" x 6.5"
Power Supply Weight (lbs/kg) 26 lbs/ 11.8 kg
Microscope (L x W x H) 12" x 11.5" x 15.5"
Microscope Weight (lbs/kg) 16 lbs/ 7.25 kg
Advanced Internal Monitoring
Gas Connection Sensor and Gas Failure Alarm       +     
On Screen Gas Flow Rate Monitoring    +  
Smart-Temp Internal Temperature Monitoring     +   
Automatic Accessory Detection (microscope/lens)  +
Safety Timer to Stop Mode  +
Dual Microprocessor Control     +   
Microprocessor Pulse Shaping +
Recall of Last Settings Upon Startup +
Number of Savable Program Settings 15
Animated Menus +
Quick Reference Icon in Menus +
Orion Power Requirements
110-120 VAC       +
220-240 VAC       +
User Selected Operating Voltage       +
Quick-Key and One-Touch Access Items
Recall Saved Settings List       +      
Toggle Between Automatic and Foot Weld Trigger +
Power Level Adjustment +
Pulse Time Adjustment +
Mode Selection (Pulse-arc, Micro Pulse-arc, Spot/Fusion) +
Run/Stop Safety Mode +
Advanced User Controls
Gas Pre and Post-Flow Time +
Tip Retract Timing (Adjust for user hold perference) +
Lens/shutter pre and post-darkening time +
Lock Weld Settings +
Save Program Settings with Customizable 10 Character Name +
Turn Warning Messages On/Off +
Adjust Screen Contrast +
Select Between Automatic and Foot Weld Trigger +
Adjust Power Level Divisions (e.g. 1%, 5%, 10%) + (1%, 5%, 10%)
Help Menu +
Language English/Spanish