Orion Pulse 150i

The Orion Pulse 150i features newly developed Intelligent Welding TM technology, which automatically adjusts weld settings for any metal or application. Experiencing interactive touch screen navigation, high-frequency agitation for difficult metals like palladium, adaptive weld ignition for longer electrode life, and a new multi-pulse setting for laser like welding, the user has a friendly and easy work flow. The Pulse 150i continues the Orion legacy by providing the most high-tech, versatile, and affordable welding solution on the market today. As with other Orion welders, the Orion Pulse 150i utilizes two different welding technologies – Pulse Arc and Tack. The Tack Mode uses resistance welding technology with up to 150 watt-seconds of energy. The Tack Mode is perfect for temporary placement or permanent fusion welding. The Pulse Arc Mode uses pulse-arc welding technology and consists of three distinct energy ranges – Ultra, Micro, and Nano. The Ultra energy range uses up to 150 joules of energy for projects that require deeper penetration or a larger spot size. The Micro energy range uses up to 30 joules of energy and is perfect for moderate  penetration and more delicate pieces. The Nano energy range is a new weld setting that offers precise weld energy control from 0.5 – 5 joules of energy, perfect for very fine applications.



• Filling
• Holloware
• Mold and Die Repair
• Coil Termination
• Relays
• Solenoids
• Pencil Coils
• Transformer Coils
• Actuators
• Inductors
• Seam Welding
• Thermocouples
• Wire Beading
• Weld Any Metal
• And So Much More




• Large Touch Screen Display with Multiple Language Options
• Save and Load Settings
• High Frequency Agitation
• Adaptive Weld Ignition TM
• MyWeld TM Software
• Rapid Fire Welding (4 Welds/Second)
• Pulse Shaping (Weld Length) Capabilities
• Updateable/Upgradeable
• 5x Microscope with Built-in Shutter System
• Tack Mode
• Nano Mode



 Features  Orion Pulse 150i
Type Pulse-Arc and Resistance
Weld Modes  4
Preprogrammed Metal Settings 15
Customizable Save Settings  30
Languages Multiple
Display  9 inch Touch Screen
Energy (ws)  0.5-150 ws
Switching Power Source  110V/240V (Auto Detected)
Weld Spot Diameter ~0.25 - 3.75mm
Footprint 4.7"x8.4"x10.4" (12 x 21.13 x 26.4cm)
Weight  28lbs (12.7 kg)
Stereo Microscopic Magnification  5x
Shutter/Auto Darkening Shutter System