Air Control System


The ACS1000 – Air Control System is designed to accompany any pneumatic weld attachment. When connected, the ACS1000 allows for advanced timing controls of linear actuation, weld actuation, shielding gas flow timing, as well as PLC outputs for automation.

Regulates Compressed Air Functionality for Pneumatic Weld Attachments, and Controls Shielding Gas such as Argon.

The menu system allows users to customize up to 10 independent variables for each weld sequence. Once the weld control parameters are entered, the ACS will follow through the weld sequence and ensure that weld procedures are consistent and repeatable.


  • 8 different functions have timing controls
  • PLC Outputs for customizable automation
  • Ability to control shielding gas as part of weld sequence
  • Control multiple weld attachments connected to a single power supply
  • Ability to chain several ACS modules in order to control multiple power supplies for sequential welds