5,000W Series

Ultrasonic Welder W5000 Series - Large Type
A rigid press structure for welding large items
Provides welds using super-sized horns
W5155 51852

W5000 Series Ultrasonic Welders
  W5040 W5050 W5070 W5080 W5085 W5095 W5155 W5185
Output Power 1200W 1600W 2000W 2400W 2400W 3000W 5000W 8000W
Frequency 20kHz 15kHz
Power Source 3Φ AC200 V ± 5% 50/60Hz
Oscillation Method Frequency Automatic Tracking System (ATHMOS)
Adjustment Variable (0-100%, 1% step)
Soft Start Variable (40-200ms)
Operation Type Color LCD Touch Panel
Welding Management System Timer/Depth/Height/Energy mode,Waveform parameter display, Welding condition data recording (USB memory, LAN environment connection)
Dimension WxDxH (mm)   295x550x200 325x580x200    325x580x385
Weight   ~10kg ~13kg     ~16kg ~30kg
Main Unit of Welder
Pressure Method         Air Cylinder (Electro-Pneumatic Regulator and Load Cell Equipped)
Minimum Pressure   120N       170N
Maximum Pressure   1500N     2500N 5000N 7000N
Welding Control Method         Linear Scale (0.001 mm res)
Parallelism Adjustment         Spherical Seat-Style Support Flange
Compressed Air Supply Required         Clean Air (0.06-0.5 MPa)
Head Stroke       315mm   Custom-designed
Horn Stroke   70mm (dia. 63mm Air Cylinder     95mm (dia. 80mm Air Cylinder   Custom-Designed
Dimension WxDxH (mm)   320x550x1215     380x610x1335    Custom-Designed 
Weight   ~52kg ~88kg      Custom-Designed