Compact Units

Ultrasonic Hand Welder W2005-28/40
  • Hand-held 250W ultrasonic welderWide range of applications from prototype to mass production
Ultrasonic Spot Welder W1002-60
  • Compact and lightweight ultrasonic spot welder
  • Ideal for basting before sewing, small boss ratio caulking, and riveting.
Ultrasonic Small Welder Models W3011 - W3015
  • Compact ultrasonic welder 500W - 800W
  • Units for automation are also available.
Ultrasonic Vibrator Unit
W3011Transducer for Robot
  • Serves a wide range of applications when used in automation.
Compact Welder Series
  W2005 W1002 W3011 W3012 W3013 W3014 W3015
Output Power 250W 40W 500W 800W 500W
Frequency  28kHz. 40kHz 60kHz 20kHz, 27kHz, 28kHz, 39kHz, 50kHz  27kHz, 39KHz 20kHz, 27kHz, 28kHz, 39kHz, 50kHz
Power Source AC100V+/- 5% 50/60 Hz 1 Φ AC200 V AC100V+/- 5% 50/60 Hz 
Amplitude Adjustment 0-100% with External Variable Transformer   0-100% with External Variable Transformer 50-100% (5 Steps) 0-100% with External Variable Transformer 0-100%(Continuously)
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 164x242x105 123x170x88 254x365x146 254x415x146
Weight ~2kg ~1kg ~6kg ~7kg
Main Unit of Welder
Pressure Method  Hand Held Air Cylinder
Maximum Pressure   100N (10kgf)      250N
Compressed Air Supply - -       Clean Air (0.06-0.5 MPa)
Horn Stroke  - - 75mm (dia. 25mm Air Cylinder)    
Dimension  dia.36-52 x 275mm dia. 31x159mm      320x380x710
Weight  ~450g ~200g      ~30kg