Eastern Automation Systems has worked with AIT on several projects to date. AIT makes information and design help available to us and can produce custom thermodes for specific production processes in very reasonable time frames. We have produced reflow solder machines as well as heat staking machines and we can vouch for the quality of parts as well as the level of cooperation afforded us.  Excellent job.


Scott Bellows 

Eastern Automation Systems

We are working with AIT since many, many years. AIT has always proven to be easy to work with, deliver outstanding quality and best of all: on time, every time. We enjoy working with our partners at AIT and look forward to continue doing this.



Ernst J. M. Eggelaar

Microtronic Microelectronic Vertriebs GmbH

AIT has built many thermodes for us to date, and has always been very timely and accurate with their work.  They have expedited projects for me personally on more than one occasion and saved me from having expensive down time and delays.  Great people to work with.


Marc Vollmer

Joy Signal