AIT SLD-15 Reflow Soldering Thermode

The SLD-15 product is essentially the same as the Hughes EBB capillaries. The standard version for AIT is with a gold plated bonded shank without fasteners. For help configuring this part number contact the factory at (870)-269-4367.


Name: Company: Email: Phone: SLD-15- A- B- Thermocouple- Comments: To request a quote for a standard part number, fill in the quantity desired in the box(s) next to the desired part number below. To request a quote for a custom part number, fill in the blanks in this sample part number below and indicate the quantity desired under comments: Qty SLD-15-W-A.0010B.0030-E9-S SLD-15-W-A.0010B.0052-E9-S AIT Standard Part Numbers Wire Length- Plug Type- SLD-15-W-A.0015B.0045-E9-S SLD-15-W-A.0020B.0060-E9-S SLD-15-W-A.0030B.0090-E9-S SLD-15-W-A.0045B.0135-E9-S Hughes Part Numbers EBB-07-15 SLD-15-W-A.0050B.0150-E9-S SLD-15-W-A.0059B.0175-E9-S EBB-07-03 EBB-1-15 EBB-15-15 EBB-2-15 EBB-3-15 EBB-35-15 EBB-36-15 Fasteners- SLD-15-W-A.0070B.0210-E9-S EBB-5-15

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SLD-15 Reflow Soldering Thermode
Large Phono Plug Small Phono Plug Omega 2 Prong Plug
large_phono_plug_size small_phono_plug_size omega_two_prong_plug_size
Thermo-couple Type Material Max Temp Range
E ChromegaMaterial®/Constantan 900°C (1652°F)
J Iron / Constantan 750°C (1382°F)
K Chromega® / Alomega® 1250°C (2282°F)