AIT S-22 Resistance Welding Electrode


The S-22 series is a tweezer electrode made for use in the Unitek THP and PHP. Contact the factory for assistance at (870)-269-4367.

Name: Company: Email: Phone: Comments: To request a quote for a standard part number, fill in the quantity desired in the box(s) next to the desired part number below. Qty S-22-M-A.062B.344C1.312 S-22-W-A.062B.344C1.312 S-22-2-A.062B.344C1.312 S-22-3-A.062B.344C1.312 S-22-11-A.062B.344C1.312 AIT Standard Part Numbers ET0420 Miyachi Part Numbers ET0402 ET0403 ET0411 ET0413 S-22-G-A.062B.344C1.312 ET0450 Hughes Part Numbers ET-125 Series Molybdenum ET-125 Series Class 2 ET-125 Series Class 3 ET-125 Series Class 11 ET-125 Series Class 13 ET-125 Series Glidcop

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S-22 Resistance Welding Electrode