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  Advanced Integrated Technologies ( AIT ) is a welding equipment and technical support provider for Nippon Avionics ( Avio ) brand of ultrasonic welders and accessories.  We can evaluate your product samples, provide free test welds, and accurately specify which equipment is best for your application.  We can then provide the equipment you need at an economical price, and assist with any technical issues you encounter setting up your welding process.  Submit a contact form or call us today to request assistance with your next project.

Introduction to Ultrasonic Welding

Principles of Ultrasonic Metal Joining

Unlike resistance welding, ultrasonic welder horn oscillator vibration removes oxide film on the metal surface and scatters surface layer impurities in order to create a state of solid-phase welding by bonding metal atoms.

Advantages MetalWelder-3

  • Reduces damage and provides efficient energy use because of low welding temperatures (less than approx. 50% of the melting point)
  • Suitable for connection of thin metal foil such as aluminum foil or thin copper foil. Also suitable for connection of copper wires.
  • Reduces electrical resistance and provides joints with good electrical conductivity
  • No special surface treatment required
  • No consumables such as solder are required. Eco-Friendly while reducing costs
  • Space-saving, easy to introduce automation
  • Permits dissimilar metal joints, e.g., joining aluminum to copper

AVIO Ultrasonic Welders

  • Ultrasonic Welders use Ultrasonic Energy to perform various bonding & cutting functions such as resin welding, resin seat cutting, resin cutting, and metal joining. The basic components of Ultrasonic Welding Systems consist of an Ultrasonic Oscillator Unit and a Welder Main Unit (Press).
  • Products offered include a wide range of output models from a compact 40W unit to the world’s highest in class 8,000W unit to meet customer needs.

These products are manufactured by Nippon Future Co. Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd.).

 Features of Ultrasonic Welding

  • Fast welding - For most applications, welding times are short allowing increased production
  • Stable production - Setting conditions may be stored for future use ensuring consistent welds among production cycles
  • Quiet performance - Non-audible frequency range is used for most products
  • Air-tight seals – Selecting proper horns for each product accomplishes an air-tight weld
  • Environmentally friendly - No adhesive chemicals are used during the manufacturing process that compromise security and recyclability
  • Saves money - Shorter weld times significantly reduces manufacturing cost

Wide Selection of Ultrasonic Hornsclamping-jigs

Ultrasonic horns incorporate a half-wavelength resonator cavity which efficiently transmits vibration energy. Horn materials include aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, and die steel depending on the welding purpose.

We offer horns that best suit your particular work. We also design and manufacture clamping jigs.

Applications of Ultrasonic Welding


Examples of Ultrasonically Welded Parts


Maximum Output 8,000W – World's Highest Performance in Its Class!

Includes Color LCD Display and Simple-to-Use Touch Panel


W5000 series ultrasonic plastic welders allow control of welding parameters (welding time, welding displacement, welding energy, & welding data output). A color LCD touch screen front panel provides user friendly and intuitive operation.

Welding parameter data used for controlling can be output to a network environment (LAN) or saved to a USB storage device during operation. This easily accessed parameter data history is valuable for quality control.

Color LCD display of main weld parameter waveforms is beneficial for better on-site management and analysis of the welding process.

Wide Range of Welding Management Functions

Welding energy control and management – Maintains welding energy constant and monitors the upper and lower limits of the weld head displacement
Welding process control and management - Holds and monitors the melting depth (DEPTH) and finished dimensionsHEIGHT)
Management and recording of set up & welding data – Records and timestamps each welding parameter. Supports USB storage devices and connection to a network environment (LAN).
Control and manage welding time - Delay, Oscillation period, Retention time (cooling time)
Display of power - Displays the peak power reached during welding
Display and record welding waveform - Frequency, air pressure, applied current, displacement of welding head, actual applied pressure and energy can be displayed and recorded
Other Functions
Spherical seat parallelism adjustment
Frequency check
2-step pressure
After burst
Load cell pressure measurement and management
1 μm resolution welding management
Electro-pneumatic regulator pressure control
Ultrasonic Welder W5000 Series - Large Type
  • A rigid press structure for welding large items
  • Provides welds using super-sized horns
W5155 51852

W5000 Series Ultrasonic Welders
  W5040 W5050 W5070 W5080 W5085 W5095 W5155 W5185
Output Power 1200W 1600W 2000W 2400W 2400W 3000W 5000W 8000W
Frequency 20kHz 15kHz
Power Source 3Φ AC200 V ± 5% 50/60Hz
Oscillation Method Frequency Automatic Tracking System (ATHMOS)
Adjustment Variable (0-100%, 1% step)
Soft Start Variable (40-200ms)
Operation Type Color LCD Touch Panel
Welding Management System Timer/Depth/Height/Energy mode,Waveform parameter display, Welding condition data recording (USB memory, LAN environment connection)
Dimension WxDxH (mm)   295x550x200 325x580x200    325x580x385
Weight   ~10kg ~13kg     ~16kg ~30kg
Main Unit of Welder
Pressure Method         Air Cylinder (Electro-Pneumatic Regulator and Load Cell Equipped)
Minimum Pressure   120N       170N
Maximum Pressure   1500N     2500N 5000N 7000N
Welding Control Method         Linear Scale (0.001 mm res)
Parallelism Adjustment         Spherical Seat-Style Support Flange
Compressed Air Supply Required         Clean Air (0.06-0.5 MPa)
Head Stroke       315mm   Custom-designed
Horn Stroke   70mm (dia. 63mm Air Cylinder     95mm (dia. 80mm Air Cylinder   Custom-Designed
Dimension WxDxH (mm)   320x550x1215     380x610x1335    Custom-Designed 
Weight   ~52kg ~88kg      Custom-Designed

Basic Desktop Model of Ultrasonic Plastic Welder with Small-Footprint

Operation / setup iseasy. Changing horn height will not change the oscillator timing as the weld head is equipped with a pressure trigger. No adjustment required.

Standard equipment on this product includes: Frequency Monitor, Amplitude Adjustment mechanism and an External Ultrasonic Output

Oscillator Panel
  • Easy-to-see display of 12-step power switching.
  • Work piece stresses are reduced by adjusting oscillator startingpoint (Adjustable soft-start)
  • Oscillator amplitude is continuously variable between 0-100% toeasily select the optimum weld condition.
Automatic Welding Process Controller


Vibrator has a casing
Horn spherical seat leveling adjustment function is also available.
Ultrasonic Welder W3000 Series - Large Type
A rigid press structure for welding large items
Provides wide area welds using super-sized horns
W3000 Series Ultrasonic Welders
  W3040 W3050 W3070 W3080 W3085 W3095 W3155 W3185
Output Power 1200W 1600W 2000W 2400W 2400W 3000W 5000W 8000W  
Frequency  20kHz 15kHz
Power Source  3Φ AC200 V ± 5% 50/60Hz
Oscillation Method  Frequency Automatic Tracking System (ATHMOS)
Amplitude Adjustment  Variable (0-100%, 1% step)
Soft Start  Variable (40-200ms)
Dimension WxDxH (mm)  295x500x180 325x500x180 325x500x385  
Weight ~10kg ~12kg ~15kg ~30kg  
Main Unit of Welder
Pressure Method  Air Cylinder
Minimum Pressure  120N 170N
Maximum Pressure  1500N  2500N 5000N 7000N
Parallelism    Spherical Seat-Style Support Flange
Compressed Air Supply Required   Clean Air (0.06-0.5 MPa)
Head Stroke  315mm  Custom-Designed
Horn Stroke  70mm (dia. 63mm Air Cylinder) 95mm (dia. 80mm Air Cylinder)      Custom-Designed
Dimension WxDxH (mm) 320x550x1215 380x610x1335      Custom-Designed
Weight  ~52kg ~88kg      Custom-Designed
Ultrasonic Hand Welder W2005-28/40
  • Hand-held 250W ultrasonic welderWide range of applications from prototype to mass production
Ultrasonic Spot Welder W1002-60
  • Compact and lightweight ultrasonic spot welder
  • Ideal for basting before sewing, small boss ratio caulking, and riveting.
Ultrasonic Small Welder Models W3011 - W3015
  • Compact ultrasonic welder 500W - 800W
  • Units for automation are also available.
Ultrasonic Vibrator Unit
W3011Transducer for Robot
  • Serves a wide range of applications when used in automation.
Compact Welder Series
  W2005 W1002 W3011 W3012 W3013 W3014 W3015
Output Power 250W 40W 500W 800W 500W
Frequency  28kHz. 40kHz 60kHz 20kHz, 27kHz, 28kHz, 39kHz, 50kHz  27kHz, 39KHz 20kHz, 27kHz, 28kHz, 39kHz, 50kHz
Power Source AC100V+/- 5% 50/60 Hz 1 Φ AC200 V AC100V+/- 5% 50/60 Hz 
Amplitude Adjustment 0-100% with External Variable Transformer   0-100% with External Variable Transformer 50-100% (5 Steps) 0-100% with External Variable Transformer 0-100%(Continuously)
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 164x242x105 123x170x88 254x365x146 254x415x146
Weight ~2kg ~1kg ~6kg ~7kg
Main Unit of Welder
Pressure Method  Hand Held Air Cylinder
Maximum Pressure   100N (10kgf)      250N
Compressed Air Supply - -       Clean Air (0.06-0.5 MPa)
Horn Stroke  - - 75mm (dia. 25mm Air Cylinder)    
Dimension  dia.36-52 x 275mm dia. 31x159mm      320x380x710
Weight  ~450g ~200g      ~30kg
Ultrasonic Cutter W1003-40
P6 cutter2
  • Compact hand-held type ultrasonic cutter.
  • Permits cutting of paper and resin, and "gate cutting".
Food Cutter
  • Cleanly cut various confections such as cakes, sponge cakes, pies, candies, and various food types including vegetables, meat and fish.
  • Solves unsightly appearance problems
  • Eliminates dependence on skilled workers.
Output Power 40W
Frequency 40kHz
Power Source AC100V+/- 5% 50/60 Hz
Dimension WxDxH (mm) 39x200x186
Weight ~1kg
Main Unit of Welder
Maximum Pressure 50N (5kgf)
Dimension dia.24x200mm
Weight Approx.200g
Ultrasonic Clear File Welder
(Ultrasonic Direct Welding)
ultrasonic clear file
Welder with Stand
welder stand
Soundproofing Unit
Simple Press Unit for HandyWelder

Multi-Type Ultrasonic Welder for Long Objects

(Ultrasonic Direct Welding)



Multi-head Ultrasonic Welder

Ultrasonic Transmit Welding

On Demand Sealer

(Ultrasonic Seam Welding)



Mesh Ultrasonic Melt Cutting Equipment

(Ultrasonic Melt Cutting)



Multi-point Fusing Equipment for Automobiles

(Ultrasonic Boss Fusing)


XYZ-Direct Robot-type Caulking Equipment (Ultrasonic Fusing /Insert)
ultrasonic-fusing insert

Bolt Nut Insert Equipment

(High-frequency Induction Heating

High-frequency Induction Heating Equipment

Metal Materials such as Screws or Nuts are easily Inserted into Molded Plastic Components!

Induction heating units incorporate high frequency generators for non-contact heating of metal using electromagnetic induction.

Induction heated metal screws and nuts can be easily and securely inserted into molded plastic components.

Unlike heater-method equipment, induction heating quickly heats both magnetic and non-magnetic materials. No pre-heating is required which contributes to reduced power consumption and prevents deterioration of metal parts.

Various Induction Coils

We offer a wide variety of coils to suit your applications.

Induction Insert samples
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