Inverter Spot Welder

AIT offers the AVIO line of quality high speed Inverter Welders

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How We Can Help You
Advanced Integrated Technologies ( AIT ) offers you free test welds to help determine if an inverter welder is the proper equipment for your application.  We are a equipment and technical support provider for Nippon Avionics ( Avio ) brand of precision inverter welders.  At AIT, we have chosen the AVIO line of equipment because you get more advanced technology, quality, and precision for your money than with other popular brands.  We can provide the equipment you need at an economical price, and assist with any technical issues you encounter setting up your welding process.  Submit a contact form or call us today to request assistance with your next project.

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AVIO Inverter Welders 

  • High speed and precise control of wave form

  • 3 Feedback modes (constant current, voltage, or power)

  • Pre-weld check function

  • Up to 3 second weld time

  • LCD graphic display of welding wave form

  • Multi Transformer System

Avio Inverter Type Welder NRW-IN4200
Multi-transformer System 
multi transformer system
Graphic Display of Welding Waveform 
LCD display of weld wave form
Features NRW-IN4200 NRW-IN8400
Welding Transformer NT-IN4400 NT-IN8400 / NT-IN4400
Maximum Current 4000A 8000A / 4000A
Control Frequency 2KHz
Control Mode Constant Current, Voltage, or Power.  Fixed Pulse Width
Range of Timer Setting Pre, 1st, 2nd, UP, WELD, DOWN
Total Time 0.5 - 3000ms
Setting Range for Weld Type Current 0.4 - 4.1KA Current 0.4 - 8.2kA / 0.4 - 4.1kA
Voltage 0.4 - 4.1V Voltage 0.4 - 6.2V / 0.4 - 4.1V
Power 0.2 - 8.2kW Power 0.2 - 24.5kW / 0.2 - 8.2kW
Current/Voltage/Power, Resistance Monitoring Average/Peak/Profile
Trace Monitoring Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Display of Wave Form Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Number of Condition 31
Interface RS232C
Power Source 200-230 V AC 380-415V AC / Optional 200-230 V AC

Welding power supplies come in two broad categories, "closed loop" and "open loop". Open loop designs are capacitive discharge welders and most direct energy, or AC power supplies. These essentially offer no feedback, meaning that a weld command or pulse is sent out, but there is no circuitry to verify how that pulse responds when it hits the point of welding. Closed loop welders are inverter type (high frequency inverter) and transistor type (linear DC) welders. These type of welders are able to control the shape of the welding wave form and monitor the condition of the weld using one of three feed back modes, "constant current", "constant voltage", or "constant power". These feed modes offer great advantages such as better process consistency between multiple weld stations, reduced number of bad welds, and real time automatic adjustment for variations in part thermal loading and plating.

Inverter welders use pulse width modulation to control weld energy. Through a series of rectifiers and switches, the resulting output current is in the form of DC current with an imposed low-level AC ripple. The time of each piece of a cycle can be controlled in sub millisecond increments. Inverter welders have high repetition rates, making them particularly useful in industrial automation.

The Avio welders we are offering here are premium quality Japanese made high frequency inverter welder. We stand by these welders and guarantee our customer support and assistance when you buy an Avio welder from us. All electrodes are manufactured by AIT in our facility in the United States. We can respond quickly to your needs and build custom electrodes to help resolve any welding issues you encounter. Contact us today to see how AIT can make your next welding project a success.