AIT SLD-11 Reflow Soldering Thermode

The SLD-11 is a thermode originally designed for use on Miyachi Unitek reflow machines, but can be used on any system with an appropriate reflow head. Custom materials are available. Contact the factory for assistance at (870)-269-4367.

Understanding AIT part numbers is very simple. Various dimensions on the drawing are represented by letters, which correspond to values in the part number. The beginning of the part number establishes the thermode series and material, followed by various dimensions. For example, part number SLD-11-M-A.025B.030-J9-S is a Molybdenum thermode with an A dimension of .025”, a J type thermocouple 9” long, and a small phono plug. You can request a quote by filling in dimensions below in the custom part number and indicating the quantity you wish to have quoted in the comments section. Or you can request a quote for a standard part number in the list below by entering a quantity in the box next to the desired part number.


Name: Company: Email: Phone: SLD-11- A- B- C- Thermocouple- Comments: To request a quote for a standard part number, fill in the quantity desired in the box(s) next to the desired part number below. To request a quote for a custom part number, fill in the blanks in this sample part number below and indicate the quantity desired under comments. Fields in yellow are optional: Qty SLD-11-M-A.025B.030-J9-S SLD-11-M-A.050B.030-J9-S AIT Standard Part Numbers Wire Length- Plug Type- SLD-11-M-A.075B.030-J9-S SLD-11-M-A.100B.030-J9-S SLD-11-M-A.200B.030-J9-S

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SLD-11 Reflow Soldering Thermode
Large Phono Plug Small Phono Plug Omega 2 Prong Plug
large_phono_plug_size small_phono_plug_size omega_two_prong_plug_size
Thermo-couple Type Material Max Temp Range
E ChromegaMaterial®/Constantan 900°C (1652°F)
J Iron / Constantan 750°C (1382°F)
K Chromega® / Alomega® 1250°C (2282°F)