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AIT offers a complete line of high quality AC Spot Welders 

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How We Can Help You

Advanced Integrated Technologies ( AIT ) is a resistance welding equipment and technical support provider for Nippon Avionics ( Avio ) brand of resistance spot welders and accessories as well as Sunstone brand spot welders.  We can evaluate your product samples, provide free test welds, and accurately specify which equipment is best for your application.  We can then provide the equipment you need at an economical price, and assist with any technical issues you encounter setting up your welding process.  Submit a contact form or call us today to request assistance with your next project.


AVIO Welders

These AC spot welders are  most suitable for welding thick plates and copper stranded cable, as it can adjust the weld time through a wider range than other stored energy type of welders.  The lower peak current is less affected by dirt or stain on the work piece.  These are very suitable for integration with automation.  AIT builds all of our own electrodes for use in these and other welders that we provide to our customers.  We can provide custom electrodes and solutions for your welding applications.

Suitable weld heads and other accessories are available for all the welders featured below.  It is best to contact us and describe your welding application in detail, and allow our technician to work with you in determining the best power supply, weld head, and electrodes for your specific applications.


AVIO single phase AC spot welding power supplies  
Features NRW-5A NRW-25A
Control System Synchronized
Range of Heat Control 40 - 100%
Welding Time 0.5 - 99 cycles
Squeeze, Hold Time 0 - 99 cycles
Welding Function pre-heating, up slope, cool time, channel switching function
Rated Capacity 3KVA (50% duty) 6KVA (50% duty)
9.5KVA (5% duty) 19KVA (5% duty)
Power Source 200V AC +/-10% 50/60Hz (optional 100-120V AC)


AC Welding Power Supplies
Avio NRW-25A


AC Welding Transformers
AVIO Welding Transformers 
Features NT-5A
Primary Input Voltage 200V
Rated Input Capacity (duty cycle 50%) 3KVA
Secondary Short-circuit Current 5000A
Secondary Open-circuit Voltage 1.1, 1.8, 2, 5 (V)


AC Welding Transformers
AVIO Welding Transformers 
Features NT-8A
Primary Input Voltage 200V
Rated Input Capacity (duty cycle 50%) 6KVA
Secondary Short-circuit Current 11000A
Secondary Open-circuit Voltage 1.8, 3, 5 (V)
AC Welding Transformers
AVIO Welding Transformers 
Features NT-5M
Primary Input Voltage 200V
Rated Input Capacity (duty cycle 50%) 2.8KVA
Secondary Short-circuit Current 2400A
Secondary Open-circuit Voltage 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 (V)



AVIO Step Down Transformers
Features ST-100 ST-200
Primary Input Voltage 115V / 230V 220V / 230V
Rated Input Capacity 1KVA 6KVA
Secondary Open-circuit Voltage 100V 200V








Sunstone Welders

These AC spot welders make use of an internal transformer that provides ample power for many applications, making them ideal for resistance spot welding and seam welding.  Both of these welders also make use of a microprocessor that allows easy setup and programming for complex welding sequences, such as linking different weld schedules together within the same job.  Either of these AC spot welders are capable of welding thicknesses up to 0.1 inch.

Advanced Modes:

  • Dual Pulse Welding
  • Multi-pulse Welding
  • Seam Roll Spot Welding
  • Seam Welding
  • Temper Function

The seam welding function of these AC welders make them very popular.  The internal micro controller allows for complex seam welding sequences.

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1.5kVA and 2.5kVA AC Resistance Spot Welders


  • Simple, User-Friendly Interface
  • 110 V Single Phase
  • Internal AC Transformer
  • 4 Line Character Display
  • Foot Pedal
  • Single Pulse, Dual Pulse, Multi Pulse, Seam, and Rolling Spot Modes
  • Up To 180 Welds per Minute
  • Pulse length range excluding seam weld mode ( 16.67ms to 1.65 sec )
  • Save up to 100 Programmable Schedules
  • Size: 13.25" x 10" x 5.5" - 32 lbs
  • Possible Applications: Brazing, battery pack assembly, resistance seam welding, resistance soldering, and general resistance welding.


Light_Force_Parallel_Weld_Head Opposed_Weld_Head Parallel_Weld_Head
Features of each Sunstone power supply 1.5 kVa AC Spot Welder 2.5 kVa AC Spot Welder
Internal Transformer Rating 1.5 kVa 2.5 kVa
Welding Duty Cycle 50% 50%
Total Number of Savable Schedules 100 100
Maximum Internal Operating Temperature 75 °C 75 °C
Fuse Rating 20A 20A
Power Supply Requirements 110-120VAC 50-60Hz 110-120VAC 50-60Hz
Weight 31 lbs (14 kg) 32 lbs (14 kg)
Case Dimensions (L x W x H without terminals, with feet) 13.25” x 10” x 5.5” 13.25” x 10” x 5.5”
Minimum Pulse Length 16.67 ms 16.67 ms
Maximum Pulse Length (excluding seam mode welding) 1.65 sec 1.65 sec
Maximum Welds Per Minute 180 180




2.2kVA and 5kVA AC Resistance Spot Welders

ac 2kva image1 web-150x150ac 5kva image1

Features of each Sunstone power supply 2.2 kVa AC Spot Welder 5 kVa AC Spot Welder
 Primary Volts  110/220/240  240
 Max Weld. Cap. (PG2)  2 x 0.5  2 x 0.75
 Short Circuit Current  2100A  2500A
 Open Circuit Volts  4.5V  5.8V
 Weight  44 lbs (20kg)  105 lbs (48kg)
 Dimensions   14″x10.25″x13″  21.25″x12.6″x13.4″