AIT S-19 Resistance Welding Electrode


The S-19 series is a round electrode with a flat face and a tapered angle leading up to the tip.  See the drawing for an understanding of the various dimensional values and construction of this electrode.  It comes with a .125” or .250” diameter copper body.  Glidcop and copper versions are built from one piece, and essentially any A value larger than .025” diameter is acceptable in these two materials.  Tip materials of class 11 copper-tungsten, class 13 pure tungsten (W), and molybdenum (M) have the tip pressed into the shank, with standard A diameters for pressed materials being .062” , .093” ,and  .125”.  Other A values requested in pressed materials will be constructed by inserting a standard A diameter material size, and then resizing the end of the tip.  This electrode also has an optional tip radius “R” that can be added to the electrode if needed.  Leave the R value completely out of the part number if you do not need this clearance angle.  Please note that requesting a R radius, as well as using non-standard A dimensions with class 11, class 13, and molybdenum materials will add additional cost to the base price of the electrode.  Adding a –B to the end of the part number makes the tip brazed into the copper shank.  Adding a -P to the end of the part number makes the tip pressed into the copper shank with no brazing. While brazing the tip material into the shank adds some additional cost to the electrode, we highly recommend using this option, as it produces a superior electrode.  An electrode with a pressed tip and no brazing has the potential for the resistance to change due to oxidation of materials at the joint between the tip and shank.  This can lead to inconsistent welding results.  Custom materials are also available. Contact the factory for assistance at (870)-269-4367.

Name: Company: Email: Phone: S-19- A- B- C- D- Comments: To request a quote for a standard part number, fill in the quantity desired in the box(s) next to the desired part number below. To request a quote for a custom part number, fill in the blanks in this sample part number below and indicate the quantity desired under comments. Fields in yellow are optional. Qty S-19-G-A.063B.125C.125D15E1.25 S-19-2-A.063B.125C.125D15E1.25 S-19-2-A.093B.250C.188D30E2.0 S-19-3-A.093B.250C.188D30E2.0 AIT Standard Part Numbers ES0450 ES0402 ES0802 ES0803 Miyachi Part Numbers E- S-19-G-A.093B.250C.188D30E2.0 S-19-2-A.78B1.6C1.6D15E25 S-19-2-A2.5B6.4C5.0D15E69R1.25 S-19-3-A2.5B6.4C5.0D15E69R1.25 ES0850 EH-062-02A EO-250-02A EO-250-03 S-19-M-A2.5B6.4C5.0D15E69.0R1.255-P S-19-11-A2.5B6.4C5.0D15E69.0R1.25-P S-19-W-A2.5B6.4C5.0D15E69.0R1.25-P EO-250-00A EO-250-11A EO-250-13A Avio Part Numbers R- Brazed?-

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S-19 Resistance Welding Electrode