Avio Displacement Pulse Heat Power Supply

Ultimate Pulse Heat Controller with Concurrency Control of Temperature and Displacement!



Avio TCW-DP100 Displacement Technology

  • High Precision Displacement Control: Overtravelling amount is controlled by feedback of displacement amount in 1μm resolution, and uniform melting amount can be realized.
  • Wide Variety of Monitoring Functions (Temperature, Displacement)
  • Digital Temperature Control: High speed and highly accurate temperature control is realized by the digital PID control method, making the unit suitable for fine wires and micro-miniature works.
  • Release Function: After heating, the solder thickness between the works can be secured.
  • Four Stage Heating: Various temperature profiles are realized to cope with the diversified applications
  • Built-in Motor Control Function
  • User Interface: RS-232C&I/O is standard equipped making the unit easy to interface with the external equipment such as the case of incorporating in an automated system.

Melting Amounts Control
Micro Co-axial Cable

  • No Spread Wire (Damage Reduction)
  • No Solder Bridge

Joining Gap Control
Solar Panel Module

  • Enhancement of Joining Strength
  • Reduction of Residual Stress
*Reflow head motor drive unitl Model NA-201P is required for use with Model TCW-DP100.*
Features TCW-DP100
Heating Temperature

Room temp~600°C in 1°C step, E type/ J type (option)

Room temp~900°C, K type (option)

Heating Time 0.00-99.99 seconds
Rated Capacity 750 VA, 50% duty cycle
Heating Steps 4 Steps
Monitor Sink Amount, Temperature, Work Height
Motor Resolution 1 μm/pulse
Displacement Resolution 1μm
Interface RS-232C, I/O
Transformer Built-In
Tap Voltage 0.88 V, 1.24 V, 1.75 V, 2.47 V, 3.5 V
Power Source AC 200-240 V±10%, 1Φ, 50/60 Hz, 15 A
Dimension (mm) 220x400x320
Weight 23kg
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