Pulse Heat Unit Types

Select a power supply with suitable welding capacity depending on the material or the shape of the object to be joined and the required quality level.

Standard Type


Displacement Type
General Purpose Type
TCW315 NA111 cropped-General-Purpose-Type
High Power Type
High power type
Indexer Type

Pulse Heat Fusing Unit


Handy Type
NCU 10P-Handy-Type
High Power Type

Reflow Head

Select a head having a force suitable to the object to be joined and suitable to the heater tip/heater tool to be used.


Heater Tip Type
Heater Tool Type

Select the size and shape suitable to the object to be joined. If necessary, it can be machined for custom shape. A material to which the solder will not stick, easy to heat, and with a high resistance value is used.

Heater Tip
Heater tool